Simple Collar Bracelet

Simple Collar Bracelet
Absolutely no one knows why you'll need these. But, what if you have an old winter coat and you want to spice it up? Make yourself one of these and put it on after you wear the coat. Everyone will be amazed and curious where you got the coat with the customized collar. Or not, I can't be sure of that.

Skill Level: Beginer.
Size: 3 cm (1,3″) height, 17 cm (6,7″) width.
Materials: 3 mm hook,Sport / Light DK yarn; 100 gram approx 230 m. (wpi: 13) , 1 button (0,5” diameter) scissors, yarn needle.
Stitches Used: Chain stitches (ch), stitch (st), single crochet (sc).
Gauge: 3 mm hook: 6 sc and 6 sc rows = 1 inch


Foundation chain: Ch 42 and leave a long tail for sewing the button.

Row 1: Work sc in 7th chain from hook and each chain to end, ch 1 and turn. (36 sc)

Row 2 to 7: sc in each sc to end, ch 1 and turn. (36 sc)
Row 8: sc in each sc to end, fasten off and weave in loose ends with the yarn needle.

Sew the button as in the pictures below.

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Please note; you may not reproduce this pattern in print or claim it as your work.
You may not sell the pattern.
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