Darth Vader iPad Netbook Sleeve

Darth Vader iPad Netbook Sleeve

This is a pattern for a sleeve for your iPad, iPad2 or netbook. What makes it cool is the motif on the right bottom corner. It is the silhouette of the one and only Darth Vader, at least as much as crochet lets it look like. The yarn used in this design is an acrylic blend that has a firm feel and will do its best to keep your gadget safe. At least it definitely make it look way more stylish. “These are the sleeves you are looking for.”
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For some time now, I've been trying hard to create stylish and cozy simple accessories with the most basic material and using the simplest tool on earth.Instead of selling the items, I am focused on creating the pattern for it. Because crocheting is fun, soothingand gives the pleasure of creating something that can be used.

I wouldn't want to take away these positive feelings away from others. ;)

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