Fancy Top Cloche Hat / Skullcap

Fancy Top Cloche Hat / Skullcap

The pattern for this versatile hat uses various stitches, especially for the motif on top. The yarn used in this design is an acrylic blend that has a soft touch, and it goes well with the design allowing you to create a pretty accessory that can be worn throughout the year.The pattern is good for making both an elegant cloche hat or a casual skullcap.Hope you have fun using the pattern and even more fun when using whichever the hat you chose to make.
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For some time now, I've been trying hard to create stylish and cozy simple accessories with the most basic material and using the simplest tool on earth.Instead of selling the items, I am focused on creating the pattern for it. Because crocheting is fun, soothingand gives the pleasure of creating something that can be used.

I wouldn't want to take away these positive feelings away from others. ;)

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